TASME’s mission is to foster interest and support development in medical education amongst junior doctors and early career medical educators.


Trainees in the Association for the Study of Medical Education (TASME) is a career group of ASME. We aim to support junior doctors and newly qualified allied health professionals in their career development in medical education (clinical teaching, education research and scholarship, and educational leadership).


TASME works collaboratively with JASME, ASME’s committees (Education Research Committee and Educator Development Committee) and Special Interest Groups to:

  • Foster an interest in medical education amongst members through activities, events and discussion that support trainee involvement in medical education.
  • Influence medical education policy and practice through representation within ASME.
  • Encourage and promote good practice by developing systematic training in medical education and research.
  • Create a forum for trainees and clinical teaching fellows to exchange viewpoints and experiences of medical education and discuss their role within it.
  • Facilitate, promote and conduct medical education research initiated by trainees.
  • Promote on-going involvement in teaching throughout training and careers in medical education.
  • Support career development in medical education through a range of awards, prizes, and events.


TASME was established in 2011 to provide a platform for trainees to share ideas and experiences within medical education. In the years since we have established an annual academic conference tailored to trainees, a number of prizes (including some recent changes), and regional networks to support local activities.