ASME Mindfulness in Medical Education Research Award 2021

ASME Award Small Feb21

One of the intentions of the ASME special interest group Mindfulness in Medical Education is to support the undertaking and dissemination of wellbeing-related research.  The ASME-MiME research award is designed to provide a student of healthcare (undergraduate student or postgraduate student in training) with the opportunity to undertake a piece of research related to mindfulness and wellbeing in medical education. This is in recognition for the need for further high-quality research-based evidence related to wellbeing in medical education. It also recognises the need to change the perception of wellbeing in medical education. Mental health problems including stress, depression, burnout, and vicarious trauma are not uncommon amongst healthcare workers. Such issues have been highlighted further this year by the COVID pandemic. By addressing our mental health needs directly, promoting ways of cultivating resilience and wellbeing within our healthcare workforce and founding and promoting an environment within healthcare which is supportive of such attitudes...

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