Quality Improvement in medical education: what is it and why is it important?


Written by Will Doherty, an Academic FY1 at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Will is on the Communications subteam of JASME (Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education).   William Doherty Twitter: @wj_doherty Quality improvement (QI) is an often-nebulous concept which eludes the understanding of medical students. It is a model frequently taught at medical schools with limited success. My first real experience of QI came during my fourth year at university when I was thrown in at the deep end of a data-based clinical audit. With no prior experience and a very limited understanding of QI principles, I found myself in the driving seat of this project. I was set the task of finding a group of clinical standards and collecting departmental data to compare against these. Which clinical standards were relevant? How do I go about collecting data? These questions troubled me as I took on this project. When in...

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