Local Rep Event: A collaboration between Dundee and Warwick Medical Schools on ‘Exploring Professional Identity Formation’

A collaboration between the local reps at Dundee and Warwick Medical Schools, this panel discussion on the topic of ‘Exploring Professional Identity Formation’ included a diverse panel of speakers consisting of a medical education researcher and a medical psychotherapist (and also medical educator) as well as two medical students – a qualified physician associate turned first year graduate-entry medical student from Warwick and a final year medic from Dundee. The event began with a presentation on professional identity delivered by Dr Lisi Gordon from Dundee who was then joined by Valentine Mberu, also from Dundee, and Dr Anne-Marie Chilton and Donya Mighty from Warwick. The panellists engaged in a discussion about what it means to establish your identity as a healthcare professional and specifically focussed on their experiences with it as women and women of colour. We believe there is a need for conversations around professional identity, as it will allow...

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