Soul-Searching Thoughts about Identity in Healthcare


  Before I delve into my piece today, I think it is important for me to give readers a bit of an introduction about myself. My name is Setthasorn and I am a 3rd Year medical student at Cardiff University. I was born and raised in Malaysia, a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. Fun fact: I am one-eighth Thai and seven-eighths Chinese. (I derived that from doing the math that my mother’s paternal grandfather was pure Thai.) Why do I feel the need to tell you about this, you may ask? Interestingly, I have always lived a life where I never quite felt that the person I am reflects the identity I am meant to have, or at least that’s what society made me feel when I was growing up. What do I mean by this? Well, for starters, I barely speak Mandarin (nor Thai, as a matter of fact)....

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