"Low-Cost, High-fidelity 3D Printed Task Trainers" – Finding the right support for an idea


Krishan Nandapalan Krishan is a 4th year medical student at Newcastle University with a keen interest in acute medicine and the use of technology in healthcare, especially 3D printing. In his spare time, he likes playing games of all kinds and doing DIY projects. Krishan was awarded the ASME EDC Education Innovation Award 2020 for his work around 3D printing task trainers. Over the past year, I've been designing and 3D printing task trainers: models that healthcare professionals use to practise clinical procedures, like venipuncture arms. This started as what I'd call a 'project' borne out of my free time but grew into a venture that includes winning the ASME EDC Education Innovation Award 2020, preparing to publish research, and starting a business. Starting and progressing this project wasn’t always easy and I received considerable support from others along the way so I want to talk about the impact they had on...

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