Methodology in Medical Education: misunderstood and underrepresented


Keegan Curlewis is a final year medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. He is co-lead of the Events subteam of JASME (Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education). I am coming towards the end of my medical school journey. On reflection over the past five years, I can recall having lectures on almost every part of the body and experiencing many different medical and surgical specialties. Memories of lectures focussing on methodology in medical education are… sparse. This is no surprise. Despite the word “doctor” meaning teacher, from the Latin “docere”, medical schools have historically glossed over medical education as a topic.1 Medical students and junior doctors are left to learn more about teaching through intercalated degrees or postgraduate courses. However, this knowledge is valued highly within the medical workplace; for example, applications for higher training often require “Training in Teaching”. Medical education research is often frowned upon...

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