ASME ENRICH Opportunities


This year, ASME is proud to announce the  launch a new diversity initiative called ENRICH Opportunities which will run every year during the annual conference. The ASME ENRICH Opportunities offers an exciting experience for a selected number of pupils in S5 or S6 in the summer of 2022 to attend the ASME annual conference for free. This national initiative is designed to actively support young people interested in developing their interests and insight into the field of medical and healthcare education. Greater diversity within the healthcare profession is a goal that benefits us all. The ASME ENRICH Opportunities is committed to seeking out talented students and is aimed at raising aspirations and attainment among school-aged individuals. This year we are proud to be collaborating with REACH, which is hosted at the University of Aberdeen and is another innovative national programme with the overall aim of widening access to high demand professions...

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ASME announces recipients of its 5th PhD / Doctoral Grant

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The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) has revealed the recipients of its 5th funded ASME PhD / Doctoral Grant. The winning research project focuses on feminist theory; exploring students’ experiences of gender bias within medical schools in the UK, using a range of methods, in order to provide recommendations to improve experiences. Located at the University of Manchester, the project is entitled Challenging the ‘malestream’ curriculum: an exploration of gender and oppression within health professions education. Supervisors include Professor Gabrielle Finn of the University of Manchester, Dr Megan Brown of Imperial College London, and Professor Paul Tiffin of the University of York. This PhD programme aims to explore medical students’ experiences of gender within their courses of study to investigate possible early causes of differential postgraduate outcomes and work to facilitate early intervention. In particular, exploring the applicability of feminist theory to the experiences of medical students, developing, if necessary, new theory to explain and...

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Join the JASME Committee!

JASME Committee Recruitment We are recruiting for the national JASME committee! Medical or allied health professions student, or recently qualified? Interested in medical education? Take a look at the guidance and application form below. We are looking for people to join our: Membership & Awards teamCommunications teamEvents & Local Reps team Click here to apply:  Deadline for applications: Tue 31st May 5pm General requirements are that you must:  Be a current UK medical student (we welcome applicants from any year), FY1 doctor, other healthcare professional student or other healthcare professional (such as Physician Associate, midwife, nursing or pharmacy) within one year of graduatingHave (J)ASME membershipBe enthusiastic about MedEd We look forward to hearing from you!

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ASME Expertise to be shared with Ukraine medical students, educators and healthcare professionals.

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      On behalf of the Board of Directors of ASME we clearly state our pledge to support the medical educators, healthcare professions and students of Ukraine however possible within the expertise of ASME and its available resources. To this end, we would make available to the 12 Ukrainian Medical Schools, their staff and students institutional membership, and those medical educators and students that have fled personal membership of the Association, both at no cost for a period of 3 years. It is hoped that this small measure will help create a sense of community, support and belonging for those displaced, and provide access to educational resources, journals, conferences. As an organisation we are appalled at the human suffering and are exploring further ways in which we can collaborate and support rebuilding medical education after the conflict. To benefit from this offer please email our membership team, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will...

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Opportunity to Represent ASME's Members

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  YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE BOARD TO REPRESENT ASME’S MEMBERS Want to make an active contribution to ASME and its Aims and Mission and represent ASME’s members on the Board?  ASME’s Board of Directors would like to invite applications from the membership to apply to join the Board as the Director from the Membership for 12 months.  This is to enable interested members who wish to make an active contribution to ASME, gain experience and insight into how a Board operates, influence policy and/or ideas and to provide a fresh and possibly alternative viewpoints/ideas to the Board.  A project may be identified for the successful applicant. The role description can be found here. Election of a Director by the Membership - process Should a member wish to nominate either themselves or another member (with their permission) to join the Board as a Director (limited to one position), they should submit...

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