How can tomorrow's doctors be more caring?

Hannah Gillespie Photo for Blog

Hannah Gillespie is an Academic Foundation Year 2 Doctor in Northern Ireland. Her submission, ‘How can tomorrow’s doctors be more caring?’, was selected as the winner of the Research Paper Award at the ASME ASM in July 2019. @gillespie_hj Many are motivated to become doctors because it is a caring profession. Medicine is, in that sense, a vocation. But in recent years, the focus of attention has changed from students becoming caring to students demonstrating professionalism. The General Medical Councils’ ‘Outcomes for Doctors’ details three domains that medical students must be able to demonstrate upon graduation – professional values and behaviours, professional knowledge, and professional skills. These domains mandate the minimum standards that students must adhere to in order to qualify as a doctor and care for patients. But despite this, doctors do not always act in caring ways. This begs the question: what is caring, and is the tradition of...

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