The TASME Mentorship Award 2021: Transgender and Non-binary Clinician Mentorship

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      I'm Jo, I’m queer and non-binary (pronouns they/them) and I’m a specialist registrar in genitourinary medicine and HIV in London. I’m excited to put in motion my vision for transgender and non-binary clinician mentorship, and grateful to TASME for this opportunity. As trans and non binary (T/NB) people, we face daily struggles both within a healthcare context and in wider society. Barely a day seems to go by without a disparaging newspaper article or Twitter attack. Gender affirming healthcare has been stretched to the limit, with T/NB people facing down either multiple-year waits for first appointments, or bills of thousands of pounds to go private. Even working within the NHS, transgender staff report high levels of bullying and discrimination (Stonewall Trans Report, 2008). Clinicians in primary and secondary care may be tempted to dismiss trans health issues as rare, and therefore not worth devoting precious learning-time to. After...

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HLA-Medics.Academy Summit 2021: International Innovation and Medical Education - Learning Across the Globe


    TASME was proud to support The HLA-Medics.Academy Summit 2021 on the 29-30th May 2021. The summit sought to deliver the very best of medical education innovation to a local and global audience. The conference started with lessons from yester years from Professor Dame Praveen Kumar from ‘Kumar and Clarke's Clinical Medicine’ on the changing role of the doctor. Kumar described the paradigm shift that has seen clinicians pursue a more varied portfolio career, instead of the traditional tunnel vision clinical route. She explained how burnout and the increasing preference for more flexibility is causing clinicians to pursue a variety of career options. On the innovative platform frontier, PlasticsFella shared their journey of setting up an open source educational model that delivers plastic surgery education through podcasts, evidence based journal articles and interview preparation. As more content was added, the number of users grew significantly. Premium features generate revenue for...

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ASME announces recipients of our 2020 PhD / Doctoral Grant

ASME Award Feb21

 Research project focuses on using virtual patients to reduce errors in diagnosis The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) has revealed the recipients of its 2020 ASME PhD / Doctoral Grant. This is the fourth time ASME has awarded this studentship. Located at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, the winning project will investigate the effectiveness of personalised self-regulated learning enhanced feedback using virtual patients on clinical reasoning among early medical and physician associate students.   Supervisors include Professor John Sandars and Professor Jeremy Brown of Edge Hill University, in cooperation with Doctor Rakesh Patel and Doctor Christopher Madan at the University of Nottingham. At its core, the PhD programme aims to improve clinical reasoning among early medical and physician associate students. The chosen candidate will explore how a virtual patient platform helps medical educators assess their students’ clinical knowledge. They can also identify core self-regulated learning thinking required before, during and after making...

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You could be an ASME Director

ASME Needs You News Blog

ASME NEEDS YOU! Want to make an active contribution to ASME and its Aims and Mission?  ASME’s Board of Directors would like to invite applications from the membership to apply to join the Board as a Director for 12 months.  This is to enable interested members who wish to make an active contribution to ASME, gain experience and insight into how a Board operates, influence policy and/or ideas and to provide a fresh and possibly alternative viewpoints/ideas to the Board. The role will involve working with our Director of Networks on a project related to our Special Interest Groups.  Election of Directors by the Membership - process Should a member wish to nominate either themselves or another member to join the Board as a Director (limited to one position), they should submit a 300 word statement outlining their background and experience and what they consider they would bring to ASME generally...

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As we enter Pride month, ASME would like to highlight our strong commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity. Medical Education is an inclusive, supportive space and we at ASME are passionate about representing & providing a voice within MedEd for issues affecting all genders and sexualities. With this in mind, we would like to hear from our members and beyond about the challenges and opportunities affecting LGBTQ+ students, doctors, healthcare professionals, educators and patients in 2021. We would love to share your voice on our regular ASME blog - please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your perspectives this Pride month.  

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