JASME (the Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education) is a Career Group of ASME. JASME aim to support medical students, students from allied health professions and those within two years of graduation from these courses to engage with and develop an interest in medical education.


JASME aims to support members to develop their awareness of and interest in medical education by:

  • Facilitating events and workshops that foster an interest in medical education amongst juniors.
  • Influencing medical education policy and practice through representation within ASME.
  • Acting as a springboard into ASME by providing a hub for juniors with an interest in medical education.
  • Creating a forum for juniors so members can exchange viewpoints and experiences of medical education and discuss their role within it.
  • Encouraging, promoting and conducting medical education research initiated by juniors.
  • Being identified as a useful resource by juniors interested in medical education.



JASME aims to support its members to grow an interest in medical education through many interventions and opportunities. These include providing sessions that allow members to develop their understanding and experience within medical education. Sessions will be run by JASME itself and by committed volunteers who act as local representatives in their healthcare courses or places of work.

JASME also aims to give members an opportunity to showcase their work and receive recognition for their commitment to medical education through a range of prizes and awards.

JASME will also continue to build on its national networks, both within institutions and online. This includes building its local rep network and its social media platforms, using these to encourage engagement with policy, practice and research within medical education. Through such networks, JASME can also collect the views and experiences of their members and use these to effectively influence medical education policy and practice through their collaboration with other SIGs and with ASME itself.


ASME has been working to promote medical education amongst students and junior healthcare professionals since 2009. This has involved different forms, however in recent years JASME has been developing a significant social media presence and now have engagement with members and others interested in medical education through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. JASME has also been increasing its representation at universities around the UK, with a local representative network which aims to have student representatives in every medical school in the country. JASME has also expanded the range of awards they offer to meet the changing exposure to medical education amongst students and early career professionals.

Membership Fees

We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect JASME membership will be reduced to £15 per annum for students studying at Universities who are institutional members of ASME*, a reduction from the current standard JASME/Undergraduate membership fee of £34. In addition to this, recognising that this amount can be challenging for some students whom we wish to support, we will also provide free membership to students from a Widening Participation background whilst they are in full time study. *

All JASME/Undergraduate members of ASME have been emailed this info. All University Medical Schools have also been informed of this new membership benefit. 

* Terms & Conditions

  • Students must be studying full time at a member institution
  • Reduced rates will cease on graduation
  • Students wishing to apply for free membership must provide a letter from their institution confirming their WP status or that they are in significant financial hardship to qualify
  • Membership enables online access to our journals Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher


Please click HERE to go to our membership page


Our recent newsletters: 

May 2022

Summer 2020

How work has become my wellbeing - Reflections by Richard Phillips, JASME Committee

Richard Phillips (Twitter: @RichyP56) is an Academic FY1 Doctor in Birmingham interested in helping to bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical medicine.
Richard has written a reflection piece on one of the recent JASME Chats and it can be viewed HERE

JASME is recruiting for committee roles!


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JASME Committee Application 2021

JASME (Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education) engages with medical students and junior doctors across the country. We are currently looking for new enthusiastic members to get involved with the committee and take on a management role within the organisation. We are a voluntary committee but as many of our committee members will agree, it is a great opportunity to develop your education, management, and leadership skills at a national level. Please note that the usual term on the committee is 2 years, with further progression available.

There is a detailed list of the roles available and their descriptions found on our social media, as well as some general expectations of our committee members. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - @JASME_UK) or e-mail us at jasme@asme.org.uk

Applicants can include medical students and allied health professionals such as physician associates, nursing and dentistry students, up to first year post-graduation. They must be students at UK universities or UK health trusts. They must also be members of JASME.

Not a member? You can join JASME for just £15 if your university is an institutional ASME member: https://www.asme.org.uk/undergraduates-jasme/sign-up.html
WP students can join for free.

We welcome applications from students at all years of medical school. For FY1s moving into FY2, we recommend contacting TASME, as they will have opportunities and networks that are more suited to your stage of training.

Applicants must demonstrate a passion for MedEd, an understanding of the specific role that they are applying for, and must describe what they would bring to the role
Deadline: 16th July 2021

To complete a registration form please click HERE