Recognition of Excellence through Accredited Courses in Medical Education

Recognition of Excellence through Accredited Courses in Medical Education

Recognition of Excellence through Accredited Courses in Medical Education

We invite all organisers of PG Certificate / Diploma & Masters programmes in Medical or Healthcare Education to join us for a half-day symposium. 


We will discuss

  • The professionalisation of the medical education workforce
  • Accreditation of programmes by the Academy of Medical Educators
  • Details of the new Accreditation Plus programme

Over the last two decades, leaders in healthcare education have recognised the importance of the professionalisation of medical and clinical education. The Academy of Medical Educators accreditation for programmes is aimed at appropriate ‘recognition of prior learning’ for educators of practitioners and students of medicine (including physician associates), dentistry and veterinary surgery. Accreditation of courses provides an independent validation of programme quality judged against the Academy’s Professional Standards.  

Over 50 courses, currently, receive this accreditation.

Recognising that many courses already contain (often significant)  elements of reflection, from 2022 the Academy will invite course leads & institutions  to apply for a new Accreditation Plus scheme. This new scheme will make conversion from programme completion to Academy Membership much simpler. For courses already accredited we will simply ask for evidence of the reflective element to add to the course profile that we hold. For courses without a reflective element at the level the Academy would expect, graduates can still apply for accredited membership via the existing route.

This half day symposium offers the opportunity for Leaders of Healthcare Education programmes to discuss the benefits of the courses available to early career development and, together with AoME, the professionalism of tomorrow’s workforce. We will cover the level of reflection required by the Accreditation Plus scheme, and the practical benefits of AoME partnership, giving medical educators the confidence and the skills to progress in their chosen roles.

We are delighted to work with course leads, providing a network and forum to discuss with peers the future demands and best practice in the healthcare education sector. It is our intention to make this symposium a regular event.