Announcement of Research Paper Award (RPA) 2021 Finalists

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ASME’s Education Research Committee are please to announce the finalists of the 2021 round of the RPA. Applicants were requested to submit their research paper describing research that was complete at time of submission. The submissions were judged against the following criteria: Novelty of subject matter or approach within the field of medical education research. Contribution to the field of medical education research.A clear statement of rationale with a relevant gap in literature identified.Clearly stated research question(s) and/or aims and objectives that are in concordance with the research design.Clear rationale for the methodological / theoretical approach taken.Findings from results clearly reported and the new knowledge generated by the study clearly stated.Relevant discussion and justified conclusions presented with recommendations and / or relevance to practice outlinedThe paper/submission should be unpublished at the time of application as it has to be original With all submissions being of high quality, the award assessors awarded finalists...

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TASME Awards: Deadlines Approaching

ASME Award Feb21

  Teaching Innovation & Excellence (TIE) Prize 2021 Closing Date: 26th March 2021 The prize recognises talent and ingenuity displayed by those embarking on a career in medical education. The prize will be primarily focused on recognising teaching, but consideration will be given to entries that showcase other relevant educational activity. Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate their teaching innovation and excellence. The application will consist of a structured written application form and may be supported by links to other appropriate media (e.g. websites, video or additional materials to help illustrate the innovation). Group applications will be considered, but the input of each individual within the group must be made explicitly clear and only one member of the group will be able to present for the prize if shortlisted. Applicants may be asked to provide a named supporter (e.g. educational supervisor or mentor) to provide further supporting evidence after...

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JASME and ASME are delighted to announce the inaugural winners of the Group Innovation Prize 2021

GIP winners

  The Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education (JASME) is a career group within ASME for medical students. One of its key goals is to encourage, promote and conduct medical education research initiated by students and early career professionals. One of the most important elements of this research is collaboration. Therefore, we are pleased to offer one award each year to a group of medical students and doctors for innovation in the field of medical education. Applications were welcome from groups of members who had already undertaken a project or piece or work surrounding an innovative and original idea within medical education. Applicants were to submit a description of their work and address how and why the innovation has been implemented, and how this has changed educational practice. Our 2021 winners are Conor Rankin, Conor J McCann and John M Bayram, who are all FY2 at The University of...

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Soul-Searching Thoughts about Identity in Healthcare


  Before I delve into my piece today, I think it is important for me to give readers a bit of an introduction about myself. My name is Setthasorn and I am a 3rd Year medical student at Cardiff University. I was born and raised in Malaysia, a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. Fun fact: I am one-eighth Thai and seven-eighths Chinese. (I derived that from doing the math that my mother’s paternal grandfather was pure Thai.) Why do I feel the need to tell you about this, you may ask? Interestingly, I have always lived a life where I never quite felt that the person I am reflects the identity I am meant to have, or at least that’s what society made me feel when I was growing up. What do I mean by this? Well, for starters, I barely speak Mandarin (nor Thai, as a matter of fact)....

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In Plain Sight – A View on One Element of the Hidden Curriculum

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Ryan is a medical student at the University of Edinburgh, and co-chair of JASME (Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education).  There are no bad students, only bad teachers. Whilst this quote, from the wonderful film “The Karate Kid”, does not quite acknowledge the shared responsibility for learning that teacher and student have, there is some truth underlying the quote: that regardless of our mindset, and our mentality in the waking moment, we are always learning something. Every moment, regardless of our stage in training from undergraduate to consultant, we are absorbing information, forming conclusions and inferences, and every conversation is a transaction of information. Students at all levels continue to learn, regardless of whether the teacher intends to teach. This is incredibly important for widening participation.      This month JASME has been exploring both widening participation, and medical education beyond the traditional classroom setting. One event exploring the...

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ASME NEEDS YOU! Join the Board as Honorary Treasurer

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    ASME’s Board of Directors would like to invite applications from the membership to join the Board as Honorary Treasurer.   This is for a term of 3 years with an anticipated start date of May 2021. This a great opportunity to make an active contribution to ASME, gain insight into how a Board operates, influence policy and/or ideas and to provide fresh and possibly alternative viewpoints/ ideas to the Board. The Role description is attached HERE The successful candidate will have experience of organisational accounting or an MBA as a fundamental understanding of this is required to undertake this role and provide advice and oversight to the Board. Appointment of Directors by the Board process If you would like to apply, please should submit your CV and a 300 word statement outlining your background and experience and what you would bring to ASME generally and also specifically in terms of overseeing our...

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#ASM2021 Call for Abstracts Now Open!


  We are delighted to announce that the call for abstracts for our upcoming 2021 Annual Scholarship Meeting (ASM) is now open! This year’s ASM will be a virtual conference, which will take place over two days, Thursday 8th – Friday 9th July. We are all testament to the fact that the way we teach and work was significantly disrupted during 2020. In keeping with this, the theme for this year’s ASM is 'Disrupted Medical Education - challenging the norms of medical education’. Have you found new and innovative ways to deliver medical education? If so, we want to hear from you! What do you think is next for medical and health professions education? What do I need to submit? Authors must submit abstracts as a 2-minute video with a 100 word text summary, which will support the video detailing the salient points of your research – background, methods and results....

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New award supporting clinical teachers and early career researchers

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The Clinical Teacher 'New Voices in Health Professions Education' award As a journal, The Clinical Teacher’s scope and purpose is to provide clinical teachers with access to scholarly work that will inform their teaching; to publish research that will improve the quality of education and to facilitate conversations and debates that will push the boundaries of our knowledge and skills. As part of this agenda, TCT, along with ASME and Wiley, have launched a new initiative to support professional development opportunities for early-career researchers and clinical teachers. The ‘New Voices in Health Professions Education’ award is a unique programme in which the successful applicants will have the opportunity to work remotely alongside our editorial team for twelve months to build skills in peer review, feedback and professional writing in health professions education research. As an international and interprofessional journal, we particularly welcome applicants from all healthcare professions and geographic regions, particularly those...

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Introducing ASME’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy

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  We are pleased to announce ASME’s new equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) webpage ( In wanting to lead by example, as an organisation, we acknowledge that we are nowhere near perfect, hence our intentional effort around equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI). The recent development of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2020-2022) showcases our commitment to embedding the principles of diversity and inclusion throughout ASME, fostering a culture that attracts and retains diverse talent and perspectives, as well as maximising participation of our members both nationally and internationally. Our goal with this webpage is to provide our members with insight into ASME’s Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy and ASME’s EDI policy. What is more, core to our ethos is reassuring ASME members that diversity and inclusivity is integral across all of ASME’s work including our awards, when planning events, undertaking public engagement, implementing mentoring schemes and recruiting ASME directors and chairs of...

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Perspectives of multidisciplinary professionals involved in medical education

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The Multidisciplinary Educators Group (MEG) is a newly established special interest group within the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).  We are keen to explore the views of a diverse range of professionals who work within medical education in order to inform the priorities and goals of this new group.  Whatever your medical education role or professional background, clinical or not, we want to hear from you! The principal aim of MEG is to share our combined expertise and experiences in order to raise the profile of multidisciplinary educators.  We will achieve this by focusing on the development, support and role promotion of medical educators who come from a professional background other than medicine, and by exploring and promoting their skills and expertise.  Our vision is: -  To share knowledge and expertise regarding medical education. -  To provide networking opportunities. -  To offer a forum for members to seek...

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Remembering Dr Mei Ling Young


It is with sadness that ASME acknowledges the passing of Dr Mei Ling Young, Co-founder of IMU, and international medical educationalist. Many ASME members will have met Mei Ling at conferences as she was a regular contributer and active supporter of the learning and welfare of medical students. She was awarded ASME’s Gold Medal in 2017 in recognition of her outstanding achievements and also her continuing potential to shape the future of medical education. It is a pleasure to have known her and continue to promote her educational values.   Sandra Nicholson ASME Chair    

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How work has become my wellbeing


Richard Phillips is an Academic FY1 Doctor in Birmingham interested in helping to bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical medicine.   This one goes out to anyone starting a new chapter of their lives during the 2020 lockdown measures. I am an FY1 doctor who started work in June 2020, during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who knows me personally will know that I do not view medicine as a day job but a core part of my identity (we don’t have time to analyse the issues with that statement here I’m afraid!) and so commencing work was something that I was always especially looking forward to. But when it felt like the whole world was revering hospital staff, it felt to me like this year could not have been a more special time to start my career in medicine. **A fleeting snap of a fresh-faced (behind the mask!) new...

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