ASME Awards

Teaching Innovation & Excellence (TIE) Prize 2022

Closing Date: 25th March 2022

The prize recognises talent and ingenuity displayed by those embarking on a career in medical education. The prize will be primarily focused on recognising teaching, but consideration will be given to entries that showcase other relevant educational activity.

Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate their teaching innovation and excellence. The application will consist of a structured written application form and may be supported by links to other appropriate media (e.g. websites, video or additional materials to help illustrate the innovation). Group applications will be considered, but the input of each individual within the group must be made explicitly clear and only one member of the group will be able to present for the prize if shortlisted.

Applicants may be asked to provide a named supporter (e.g. educational supervisor or mentor) to provide further supporting evidence after shortlisting.

Shortlisted entrants will then be invited to give a ten-minute presentation followed by five minutes of questions at the ASME Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 6th-8th July 2022 in Aberdeen, to a panel of judges and an audience as part of the TIE Prize session.

Scholarship Type: Innovation
Intended Audience: Medical or other HCP trainees with formal education roles.
Nature of Award: Monetary prize, certificate and name engraved on the TIE Prize Shield.
Status: Deadline now passed
Closing Date: 25th March 2022